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Why Implementing AI Is Like Doing Laundry

Why Implementing AI is Like Doing Laundry

In our blog “Why Smart Enterprises Ditched AI in Favor of Simple Chatbots,” we addressed the reasons why even huge businesses like Amazon are abandoning AI in favor of simple rules-based chatbots.

In short, the reason is because implementing AI – whether it’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Machine Learning (ML) – requires clean data to be contained in a format that AI can comprehend.

The vast majority of small and medium sized businesses simply don’t have the money or expertise to implement AI. But even large enterprises can run into brick walls trying to implement AI because their data is, well, all over the map.

What’s So Important About Sorting the Data?

Since most businesses are moving to the cloud and hosted UCAAS solutions, the main issue in implementing AI is the way their data is structured. AI simply can’t function when the data is housed in different structures and/or in multiple formats.

In short, the AI solution must be able to access all the communication data in order to run efficiently.

The benefit of Midori’s solution is that it provides a communications bridge between different vendors and different channels. Midori’s Communications Platform standardizes the data structure, taking disparate communications channels and putting them through the same filter and ending up with one dataset, as opposed to multiple datasets.

When you’re ready to start the customer journey toward better and more efficient ways of communicating, we always recommend you start with security to ensure you ‘own’ all of your communications channels – and particularly the text portion of your phone numbers.

From there, you’ll need to create a centralized, standardized database of all your communications that’s housed in a single format so if and when you apply AI, the solution can consume, sort and work with all of your data.

Why Keeping It Simple Is Better 80% of the Time

In most cases, a simple messaging solution can handle simple communications and inquiries without having to spend the huge amount of time and resources it would take to implement AI. Most businesses can enjoy a return on their investment in a simple chatbot in under a month.

Even though simple chatbots can get the job done 80 percent of the time, some businesses still want to dip their toes into AI waters.

If that’s still the case, just remember that data is a lot like laundry – you must first sort it all out, or it may not come out OK in the wash.

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