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customer journey

The Customer Journey

In the last few years, your customers have changed the way they want to communicate with you.

The bad news: Loyalty is fleeting in today’s world. Consumers who prefer to text will eventually switch brands.

The good news: You can do something about this. Offer consistent customer service and communicate in the ways consumers prefer, and you’ll win the loyalty battle.

A Few of Our Favorite Bots:

Tell Me Bot

Find out who’s texting you… and what they’re asking!

Connect Me Bot

Live hand-off to your email or phone number.

Angie the Answer Bot

Angie answers the most common questions your customers have by recognizing words such as ‘hours’ and ‘location.’  Now, instead of answering mundane, everyday questions or – worse still – not responding to customer texts, you can communicate with customers quickly and automatically.

Sophie the Survey Bot

Sophie makes it easy for you to gather feedback from your customers and clients. Now you can easily gain the valuable insights you need to make smart business decisions. Ask just a few questions or a lot; Sophie will do all the work for you to gather and sort through the data.

These bots then connect to our Communications Platform, making it easy for you to empower a community of customers that don’t know or care to know a lick of code to build, share and promote their bot creations.

Our Unique Business Model

Our business model is built around the idea that our customers should be able to access simple tools to create a business bot in a box” that will help drive new revenue growth and improve the customer experience.

Steps in the Customer Journey

If you can text it, you should protect it. Don’t become a victim of nefarious players who will text-enable your phone numbers for their own gain. With Text Protect® , you can protect your business phone numbers both before and after they’ve been text-enabled. Read more about Text Protect here.

Want to know if your customers are texting you? Install our Tell Me Bot. You’ll learn how many customers are texting and what they’re asking. It’s the perfect place to start, because you’ll then know exactly what type of chatbot will offer the best experience.

With your business numbers text enabled, you’ll need a way to capture and respond to incoming texts. With our Connect Me bot, you’ll get a live hand-off of those text messages either to your email or SMS account where you can respond.

With greater trust and comfort in the messaging channel, you can add as many chatbots as make sense. Our chatbots can be deployed within minutes and managed by non-coders via web interface. For example, Angie the Answer Bot can answer common questions such as hours and location. And Sophie the Survey Bot can collect basic information and get customer feedback.

In short, our chatbots enable businesses to communicate efficiently and effectively with the vast majority of customers who prefer texting to phone calls or email.

Creating Your Chatbot Is as Easy as…

Start small and then progress to the next step when you’re ready. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You may be on the frontier, and that’s OK. We’ll help you get there at the pace that makes sense for your business. For more information, get in touch with us.

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