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Text Protect

Protect Your Precious Phone Numbers… and Your Brand Reputation. 

Fraudulent text-enablement of your phone numbers is a very real threat. But there’s a solution.

Called Text Protect, it’s the logical first step for any business that wants to protect their phone numbers and ultimately their brand reputation. Texting has become the preferred and most popular form of communication today. Read the full news release.

Revolutionizing Number Security, Ownership and Portability

Text Protect doesn’t just prevent unauthorized text enablement of your local and toll-free numbers. Because you are essentially “claiming” your phone numbers, it enables you to prevent any type of fraudulent activity. It’s a multi-layer security solution that ensures your numbers — and thus your brand reputation — is safe from a new threat called “slamming.”

“People prefer texting to phone communications in many, if not most instances,” Rafalko said. “If carriers don’t enable businesses to send and receive texts and automate those communications, there’s very little doubt that another business entity surely will.”

The Quickest Way to an LOA

But Text Protect does even more. By creating the world’s first and only electronic digital Letter of Authorization (LOA), Text Protect dramatically reduces phone porting costs, wait times and operational expenses.

Here’s how it works: the owner of the phone number generates an electronic PIN that must be used to make changes such as porting or text enablement. This eight-digit PIN replaces paper documents and the unwieldy and time-consuming authentication process that was far from fraud-proof.Text Protect also blazes a path to a fully electronic Letter of Agreement (LOA), creating a more efficient transition and a huge reduction in time and money.

Protect Your Business Now

Ready to learn more about the growing prevalence of phone number hijacking and how you can protect yourself and your business?

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A Shocking Discovery


A recent SOMOS study found “significant and demonstrable market failure” in the texting to Toll-Free system. They easily recreated a scenario in which Toll-Free numbers were text-enabled without the business owner’s knowledge or consent.

Most businesses are text-enabling their Toll-Free numbers as texting has become our most popular form of communication.

Over 80 percent of Americans text regularly, and most want to text companies they do business with.

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