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Text Protect®

Put a Padlock on Your Phone Numbers… and Protect Against Fraud. 

The security and privacy of your local and Toll-Free numbers are at great risk. But while fraud is a very real threat, there’s now a very real and very effective multi-layer security solution. Best of all: it’s free!

Text Protect puts a virtual padlock on your phone numbers and keeps bad actors at bay. Once you’ve secured your enterprise’s numbers, you can manage and maintain attributes such as text enablement and porting.

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Have You Text Enabled YOUR Phone Numbers?

Your customers are trying to text you. Are you – or is someone else – responding?

Texting is now the preferred and most popular communications channel. Over 80 percent of Americans text regularly, and most want to text companies they do business with.

Many people don’t know that landline phone numbers, both local and Toll-Free Numbers, can be text enabled! Yet analysts predict text messaging will be as essential as websites for communicating with customers.

Enterprises that haven’t claimed their numbers run huge risks not just from fraud but from frustrating  mix-ups over who is authorized to use those numbers. Don’t lag behind on security just because you’re slow to catch on to text enablement. It could cost you customers, money and even your brand reputation.

Plus, messaging has proven to be way more efficient than voice calls. Customer service reps can handle multiple conversations and offer faster and more accurate service. The result? Significant cost savings and scalability that’s off the charts.

This is an historical time when businesses are shifting to a new and more efficient communications channel,” said Noah Rafalko. “Successful business planning requires careful consideration and ideally automation of this channel’s security and scalability. Text Protect is a no-brainer.

The Quickest Way to an LOA

Midori has also created a much more efficient porting process that virtually eliminates the risk of slamming.

By creating the world’s first and only electronic digital Letter of Authorization (LOA), Midori has dramatically reduced phone porting costs, wait times and operational expenses.

Here’s how it works: an alphanumeric PIN – the ‘key’ to the padlock – is created and associated with the phone number to protect against unauthorized activity. This PIN replaces paper documents and the unwieldy and time-consuming authentication process that was far from fraud-proof.

Any changes such as text enablement or porting are documented and locked in an immutable record that’s secure and protected against any type of fraud or misuse.


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A Shocking Discovery


Fraudulent text enablement is a very real threat.

A recent SOMOS study found that Toll-Free Numbers could be easily text-enabled without the business owner’s knowledge or consent. This can lead to serious FCC violations and hefty fines.

Text messaging is an unregulated and unprotected communications channel. While the FCC regulates and protects the voice channel, it ruled that text messaging is an informational service and thus offers no protection against fraud or misuse.

Text Protect is the first step to claim the authorization rights on business phone numbers. Protecting these key brand assets is as simple as sending a text.

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