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Can Customers Text Your Business Numbers?

If your customers are like most, they are trying to send you a text message. Are you responding?

If not, consumers who prefer to text will switch brands. Loyalty is fleeting in today’s world.

Market research found that 85 percent of consumers want to text and 45 percent prefer to text a business.

But there is a solution: offer consistent, good customer service and communicate in the way consumers prefer – via text!

Midori can help you take the steps necessary to solve your business problems and win the loyalty battle. Below are the most common problems we’ve solved.

Multiple Businesses, Multiple Opportunities? We’ll Deliver Business Bots in a Box!

Our business model was also built for customers such as carriers and large enterprises that serve multiple small and medium businesses. Our Business Bots in a Box explains how you can drive new revenue growth and improve the customer experience using Midori’s Communications Platform.

In short, we deliver a basic business solution ‘in a box,’ making it easy to empower a huge community of customers that don’t know a lick of code to build an effective and efficient customer messaging channel.

Solving the Most Common Problems

Solution: Protect your numbers (and your brand)

If you haven’t text-enabled your business phone numbers yet, someone else can – without your knowledge or permission. Research shows how easy it is for nefarious players to text-enable competitor phone numbers to gain an advantage. With Text Protect®, you can protect your business phone numbers for free. It works – even if you’ve already text-enabled your numbers. Read more about Text Protect here.

Solution: Find out who’s texting you!

Just ask your own customers if they want to text you. If they’re like other business customers, the vast majority (89 percent) will want to text you instead of calling or emailing. Start by finding out if what they’d like to ask you via text. It’s the perfect place to start, because then you’ll know exactly how to proceed in your messaging journey.

Solution: Hand off to email, SMS or live chat

With your business numbers text enabled, you’ll need a way to capture and respond to incoming texts. Midori can help by enabling you to hand off text messages to your email or SMS account or to a live chat where you can respond.

We have an even easier way to respond to customer text messages: set it and forget it! Simply automate the answers to your customers’ most common questions. It’s as simple as typing an email, only you just do it once (and no coding experience is necessary). This best-practice, business process improvement will save you tons of time – time you can now spend on those more important customer requests.

Solution: Prequalify or survey customers by asking all the right questions

Our solution makes it super easy to prequalify customers so you can be confident you’re barking up the right trees. You can also gather feedback from your customers and clients to gain the valuable insights you need to make smart business decisions. Ask as many questions as you want; our solution will do all the legwork gathering and sorting through the data you’ve collected.

In short, our chatbots enable businesses to communicate efficiently and effectively with the vast majority of customers who prefer texting to phone calls or email.

Businesses are typically short on staff, short on time and short on resources while they yearn for more customer interaction – and sales.

Want more examples of ways we helped business owners solve mundane problems? Read our blog, “Mundane Problems. Magical Solutions.”

Let’s talk about how we can solve your problems. Call or text us at 346-223-9287 today.

Deploy Your Customer Messaging Channel…

Wondering how to get started? Start by simply text-enabling your phone numbers and then progress to the next step when you’re ready. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’ll help you get there at the pace that makes sense for your business. For more information, get in touch with us.

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