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Mundane Problems, Magical Solutions

Mundane Problems, Magical Solutions

Business owners struggle to find solutions to mundane, everyday problems. Midori’s solutions are so simple and elegant, they’re downright magical. 

Most businesses have a basic problem. Short on staff, short on time, short on resources, business owners long for more interaction (and sales) with customers.

Starting with the first interactions many customers have – when they’re asking mundane questions like “What are your hours?” “Where are you located?” or “What are today’s specials?,” business owners can easily get bogged down answering phone calls rather than focusing on increasing sales.

Even more complex issues such as pre-qualifying customers and educating them on products and services can be time-consuming, complex and beyond a typical business owner’s means. And when customers try to find answers using a search engine, they run into a ton of clutter and noise on the web where they can easily get distracted and derailed.

Until now. That’s because solutions to these and other common business problems are within reach of even the smallest business owner. (At Midori, we work with Carriers and Enterprises that provide our solutions for their business customers; read more about our Business Messaging in a Box).

The answer lies in automating the everyday; magically transforming the mundane. When customers have simple questions, you can instantly give them answers. If and when they need human interaction, the business staff has the time, energy and wherewithal to engage on that level. And what can the business owner focus on? You got it: more sales!

Below are just a few of the mundane business problems we’ve solved with downright magical solutions.

What problems do you have? Let’s talk about how we can solve them! Call or text us at 346-223-9287.

Problem: Increase Customer Interaction and Retention

A large multi-location furniture retailer wants to increase customer interaction and retention by communicating with customers via text. The goal or “golden standard” is for their customers to save the retailer’s unique, branded Toll-Free number in their contact list where they can easily connect for future sales and service.

Solution: Text Messaging Enables Fast, Easy Interactions

Midori’s Direct Me bot creates an automated SMS interaction via mobile text messaging that includes a clickable option to add the retailer’s contact information in their contact list. The entire experience mirrors the retailer’s website where customers can search for products in inventory, find locations, coupons, finance options and more.

Problem: Enable Customers to Easily Locate Stores

A national retailer with 4,000 retail locations and 12,000 service centers wants to create a text messaging channel with a nationwide location look-up tool. This tool would enable customers to text from any geo location to find the retailer’s locations and obtain other basic information.

Solution: Nationwide Location Tool Increases Engagement

Midori’s Find Me bot enables customers to enter their city and zip code to find the location nearest them, complete with address, contact number and website address. This automated, self-help system supports customers without the need or expense of a staffed call/response center. Customers can find locations nationwide using text messaging on a single, branded Toll-Free number with a clickable option to save the retailer’s contact information in their contact list for future use.

Problem: Capture and Pre-Qualify Potential Clients

A class action law firm wants to capture and pre-qualify potential clients using text messaging. They also want to be able to streamline routine, repetitive and time-consuming inquiries currently handled by live agents.

Solution: Automated Texts Reduce Time and Expenses

Midori’s Qualify Me bot streamlines and automates the routine, repetitive and time-consuming information-gathering process. A simple CTA suggesting that potential clients text them was added in company advertisements. The bot captures the potential client’s basic information as well as answers to several qualifying questions. This automated text interaction frees up live agents, enabling them to reduce per contact costs by focusing on higher value, vetted leads.

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