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Midori Interactive Receives Trademark Protection for Text Protect™

Midori Interactive, Inc., a business-focused messaging enablement company, today received trademark approval for Text Protect™ from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Aptly named, Text Protect protects businesses from having their numbers text-enabled or illegally ‘slammed’ by enabling them to claim ownership of their numbers. The business customer simply attaches a multi-digit alphanumeric code to their local and toll-free numbers before any changes – such as text enablement – may be made.

“The type of phone fraud called slamming has become a hot issue again, only with a new twist now that texting has become ubiquitous, including in business communications,” said Noah Rafalko, Midori Interactive CEO. “Unfortunately, bad actors have learned how easy it is to text-enable a competitor’s phone numbers. This can take an enormous toll on a company’s budget and their reputation. The key is to claim ownership so this can’t happen.”

A unique and proprietary solution, Text Protect is the simplest but most effective way for businesses to protect their phone numbers and thus their brand, Rafalko said. Blockchain technology was utilized to build Text Protect and the means to claim ownership of one’s phone number(s), he said. The patent on this technology is currently pending.

Over 80 percent of Americans text each other regularly, with over 6 billion texts sent every day. The vast majority – nine out of 10 consumers – want to use messaging to talk to businesses, according to the 2016 Global Messaging Consumer Report.

“People prefer texting to phone calls in many, if not most instances. So savvy business owners know it’s important to use today’s communications channels to listen and communicate with customers,” Rafalko said.

“The FCC’s recent ruling that text messaging is an ‘informational service’ may have unintended but negative side effects,” he said. “While carriers have used robo-text blocking and anti-spoofing tools to protect consumers, these antiquated measures have also blocked consensual messages. And neither the FCC nor any carriers have found the magic wand to protect business customers from phone slamming and other types of fraud.”

Another key advantage of Text Protect is that it blazes a path to a digitized electronic letter of authorization (DLOA), creating a more efficient, cost-effective means of claiming ownership rights over a telephone number, starting with text enablement. Midori designed this automated interface to be entirely self-managed, thus building the first electronic messaging security and portability system.

“Communications in today’s world requires businesses to send and receive texts and automate those communications,” Rafalko said. “Text Protect is the logical first step in the journey toward automated communications using simple, rules-based chatbots that can be implemented in a matter of minutes.”

Midori Interactive’s goal is to help its customers develop new revenue streams and improve customer experience. Its Communications Platform enables businesses not just to create chatbots, but customize, connect, communicate and conduct business in the way customers want and expect in today’s business world.

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