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Midori Interactive Introduces Text Protect®  

Chicago, Sept. 26, 2017 – At today’s Somos 2017 Toll-Free User Summit, Midori Interactive launched a  new product called Text Protect®. Text Protect reduces unauthorized text enablement of North American Toll Free numbers.

A multi-layer security solution, Text Protect protects enterprise and carriers from their numbers being text-enabled without authorization. Its simple tools enable customers to attach a multi-digit alphanumeric code to prevent unauthorized messaging from being enabled on their toll-free numbers.

“Text Protect is the start of the journey to text enable business phone numbers,” said Noah Rafalko, CEO of Midori Interactive, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of TSG Holding Corp., Inc. “It adds a layer of protection against hackers and bad actors who text-enable existing phone numbers and fraudulently represent your company.” Midori Interactive helps businesses of all types and sizes answer common questions and requests via text messages to their existing phone number(s).

More and more businesses are text-enabling their toll-free numbers. Texting has quickly become the preferred form of communications; over 80 percent of Americans text regularly and over 6 billion texts are sent every day. Rafalko said adding a simple PIN to a business line protects it from being hacked.

“People prefer texting to phone communications in many, if not most instances,” Rafalko said. “If carriers don’t enable businesses to send and receive texts and automate those communications, there’s very little doubt that another business entity surely will.”

Text Protect adds an additional security measure to protect businesses from fraud. The basic protection includes automatic refusal of attempts to use phone numbers without the PIN provided during the enablement process.

Midori Interactive introduced its new Text Protect product at its breakout session at the Somos 2017 Toll-Free User Summit in Chicago, which attracted responsible organizations, service providers and key influencers who learned and discussed the latest topics and trends in the Toll-Free industry.

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