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A Midori Interactive representative is available via email to answer your questions about how chatbots can transform your business.

Here are the most common questions we’re asked:

General Questions

What type of business can use Midori Interactive’s messaging solution?

Just about any type of business – retail, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, etc. – can benefit from setting up a messaging channel to communicate with their customers.

Messaging has become the most popular and prevalent form of communication today. And with Midori’s interactive messaging solutions, businesses can easily and efficiently answer their customers’ most common questions and issues with a minimum amount of time and effort.

Does Midori support AI (artificial intelligence)?

AI is great for a narrow field of support issues within a single company and is generally not transferrable to other chatbots or organizations. It also requires a huge commitment of time and resources, which puts it out of reach for most businesses.

Midori Interactive’s solution enables any sized business to create an effective and efficient text messaging channel for communicating with customers. Built for scale, it can handle thousands of use cases and is available globally. It can be up and running in hours and can be easily implemented (no programming skills required!).

Customers can also bring their own AI solutions and connect with Midori’s solution, which captures and normalizes conversational data from all channels, where it remains private and in a generalized format.

By helping with the initial heavy-lifting of data, Midori enables you to use this data later on in whatever way or whatever solution will drive truly meaningful consumer engagement.

Can a large business use the Midori solution to help other small businesses?

Yes, absolutely! That’s why we created our Business in a Box. Setting up multiple businesses on our platform is simple to set up (and sell), thanks to our simple yet powerful hierarchical structure.

This sophisticated structure enables enterprises to set up permissions for multiple companies, organizations and users with different levels of access — all within minutes.

Midori provides four levels of access to the platform: 1) Users – clients who simply want to make content changes, 2) Advanced Users – clients who want to create new interactive messaging solutions based upon Midori’s templates, 3) Admin Users – clients who want to set up new users under an existing account and 4) Super Admins – clients who want to set up new companies and users. The Super Admin is only available with a white label contract.

Note: “Admin Users” have the same permissions and capabilities as Advanced Users and Users. It’s hierarchical.

How does the Communications Platform work? Do I need to be a developer to get it set up?

The Midori Interactive Communications Platform is a bridge that connects different communication channels with SMS/MMS, social media networks, etc. and automated messaging solutions (chatbots, e.g,) that support customer service inquiries and enhance the customer experience.

No programmer is needed to create a messaging solution. The Midori platform was developed specifically so that those with no technical experience can set up an interactive messaging solution within minutes. Anyone can log in and create customized messages for whatever chatbot template they choose.

Of course, developers and people who are tech-savvy can also create new solutions leveraging Midori’s hundreds of chatbot templates.

Is the solution easy to set up? How long does it take?

Absolutely! Midori Interactive’s CPaaS (Communications Platform As A Service) solution offers an easy and secure way to manage communications across multiple channels – social media, webpages, smartphone applications, CRM applications, email, chat, and SMS and MMS on both local and Toll-Free numbers.

Midori’s interactive messaging platform enables any sized business to support customer inquiries quickly and automatically. Responses can even be programmed to answer simple questions, or those messages can be directed to an employee for that “human touch.”

Midori can set up messaging on Toll-Free and local numbers within 15 minutes using our API. If the request is manual, it may take up to two business days.

What's a chatbot and why would I use one?

Chatbots enable businesses to automatically respond to customers at any time of day or night. The chatbot can be easily programmed (but doesn’t require any programming experience) to answer your customers’ most common questions, such as “What are your hours?” “Where are you located?” and “What are today’s specials?” By answering these frequently asked questions, the business can realize significant cost savings over traditional communication channels such as voice calls.

Midori has created dozens of chatbots as well as bundled chatbot packages, starting with the simplest chatbot solutions to much more robust solutions.

Customers can choose to continue chatting with the chatbot or switch to talk with a live person. Either way, the Communications Platform maintains an auditable record of transactions.

How does Midori protect my security?

Midori provides security at three different levels: 1) Securing ownership of your phone numbers with Text Protect, 2) TLS encryption of message transport from the Midori platform to wireless providers and 3) Message details are deleted after the conversation is completed per HIPPA and financial industry requirements.

Does Midori support short codes?

Yes. Midori supports not only short codes, but Toll-Free and local numbers (non-wireless) in the North American Dialing Plan (NADP) in the U.S. and Canada. However, the difference between leasing a short code and simply text-enabling a business phone number can add up to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars – every month. Text-enabling existing ten digit numbers (long codes) is not only much cheaper; it’s also much better than leasing short codes for several reasons. You can read more about the advantages in our blog.

What external connections does Midori Interactive offer?

Midori Interactive currently connects to SMS and MMS, the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Slack and Telegram, Web pages and smartphone applications. And we continue to build relationships for other connectivity.

How much does the Midori solution cost?

Midori offers two pricing options: white label and regular pricing. Our pricing has four main components: (1) Messaging Transport, (2) Chatbots (monthly recurring charges), (3) Messaging Surcharges – direct pass through from wireless operations and (4) Industry Enablement Fees. For more information, contact us.

Technical Questions

Does Midori have an API?

Yes. Midori actually provides two sets of APIs – one for messaging transport and another for the Midori platform.

Midori did this intentionally to keep the transport and software components of the business separate.

Midori’s RESTful API allows external connections. Midori’s user interface (UI) is built upon the power of the Midori API.

Does Midori Interactive support both A2P and P2P messaging?

Midori supports both A2P and P2P messaging.

A2P means Application to Person, which is the type of messaging used by enterprises to send text messages to consumers, such as appointment reminders, promotions and coupons. You may or may not be able to respond. With one-way A2P messaging, the consumer cannot respond to the text message; with two-way A2P messaging, the consumer can respond.

P2P means Person to Person, which is when a consumer texts another person or business to request information.

Do I have to port the voice to Midori for my Toll-Free or local number to use Midori?

No. You would only port the messaging portion of your Toll-Free and local numbers. Your voice needs are supported by Midori’s sister company, TSG Global.

You can also bring your own messaging transport to work with Midori.

What is the Midori Interactive architecture?

Midori Interactive’s architecture is comprised of several components:

  • Security: Number, Transport, Account Maintenance and Database Management
  • Scale: Built upon AWS architecture, providing global coverage
  • Disaster Recovery: Multiple points for failover capabilities
  • Bots: Standard or Bot templates — all customizable

Our Communications Platform is so versatile and powerful, it can connect the ‘dots’ or data points regardless of the channel – Facebook, Slack, SMS, MMS or Telegram — thus providing customers the ability to not just create, but customize, connect, communicate and conduct business in the way that customers prefer.

How scalable is Midori Interactive?

It’s carrier-grade scalable. Midair built the platform based on its experience in building and managing products and services for global carriers. We understand what it means to be scalable, reliable and redundant, backed up with 24 x 7 x 365 customer support.

What protocols and coding language makes Midori Interactive work?

Midori Interactive is powered by Erlang/Elixir, and operates over HTTP/S (other APIS), SMPP (for SMS), MM4 (for MMS).

How do I interconnect with Midori Interactive?

Our API document outlines how to interconnect with Midori Interactive. Contact a Midori representative.

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