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A Midori Interactive representative is available via email to answer your questions about how chatbots can transform your business.

Here are the most common questions we’re asked:

General Questions

What type of business can use Midori Interactive’s chatbots?

Just about any type of business – retail, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, etc. – can benefit from chatbots. In short, chatbots are the most efficient way to deal with common questions and issues that arise every day.

What is the difference between your solution and an AI company?

Midori Interactive’s solution is built for scale, can handle thousands of use cases and is available globally.

AI is great for a narrow field of support issues within a single company and is generally not transferrable to other chatbots or organizations. Midori does provide a “light” version of AI, however.

How can the carrier marketplace benefit from Midori’s services?

Carriers selling communication services to businesses must offer new, integrated applications to stay relevant and survive. Their sales teams need new and interesting products in their toolkit to garner the attention of prospects and continue to be a primary resource for communications solutions.

Carriers benefit from a new revenue stream from value-added services without having to spend any capital or suffer long waits.

Our goal is to help our customers develop new revenue streams and improve customer experience through new and interactive messaging solutions.

Can carriers increase revenues with Midori’s services?

Yes! Carriers can set up an entirely new revenue stream within weeks with our fully automated on boarding, billing and support of our unique and powerful Communications Platform and chatbots. We enable carriers to create simple bots in a box and resell them to literally thousands of customers.

Midori Interactive’s team can even help carriers with the sales and marketing of these powerful new services.

How does the Communications Platform work?

The Midori Interactive Communications Platform is a bridge that connects different communication channels with SMS/MMS, social media networks, etc. and chatbots that support customer requests and enhance their experience. No programmer is needed to create a messaging solution.

How easy is it to get set up?

Our Communications Platform is simple to set up and sell, thanks to the simplicity of a hierarchical customer account structure. This sophisticated structure enables carriers to set up permissions for multiple companies, organizations and users with different levels of access — all within minutes.

Our Communications Platform is so versatile and powerful, it can connect the ‘dots’ or data points regardless of the channel – Facebook, Slack, SMS, MMS or Telegram — thus providing customers the ability to not just create, but customize, connect, communicate and conduct business in the way that customers prefer.

What about chatbots? Are those easy to set up?

Absolutely! You can create chatbots in minutes and deploy them on any pre-loaded channel such as SMS (text), MMS (multimedia), Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, etc.

With four easy steps, you can set up your chatbot. Step 1: select either a Midori standard chatbot or a generic bot template. Step 2: customize the script. Step 3: assign the bot to a number or another communication channel. Step 4: save your chatbot. Your bot is now ready for prime time!

What are the main advantages of using chatbots?

Chatbots enable businesses to communicate automatically with customers 24/7 and most importantly, to conduct business in the way customers want and expect in today’s world. Plus, the business can realize significant cost savings over traditional communication channels such as toll-free numbers.

No matter where in the world your customers are located – the U.S., Europe or the Pacific Rim – their experience is the same, since our Communications Platform is a cloud-based solution.

A Midori Interactive-supported bot can respond to a whole slew of questions with custom-written answers. Customers can choose to continue chatting with the chatbot or talk with a live person. Either way, the Communications Platform maintains an auditable record of transactions.

Is Text Protect an exclusive offering of Midori Interactive?

Yes. Text Protect is a unique, proprietary service developed and offered exclusively by Midori Interactive and its valued partners. Text Protect is essential for any brand that wants to protect its reputation by preventing your phone numbers from being text-enabled by hackers who will fraudulently represent them for their own gain. Studies have found that this type of hacking is more common than you’d think!

Text Protect is the only protection of its kind against unauthorized message enablement.  The solution is simple: it assigns a four to eight digit PIN number before (or after) the number can be text enabled.

Text Protect is absolutely essential in today’s text-prevalent world. The adage ‘better safe than sorry’ definitely applies here. Or as we like to say: an ounce of message security is worth a pound of cure!

What type of business can use Midori Interactive’s chatbots?

Just about any type of business – retail, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, etc. – can benefit from chatbots. In short, chatbots are the most efficient way to deal with common questions and issues that arise every day.

What external connections does Midori Interactive offer?

Midori Interactive currently connects to SMS and MMS, the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Slack and Telegram, Web pages and smartphone applications. And we continue to build relationships for other connectivity.

Technical Questions

How robust is the Midori Interactive API?

Midori Interactive provides a RESTful API and allows external connections. Midori’s user interface (UI) is built upon the power of the Midori API.

Does Midori Interactive support API connectivity?


What is the Midori Interactive architecture?

Midori Interactive’s architecture is comprised of several components:

  • Security: Number, Transport, Account Maintenance and Database Management
  • Scale: Built upon AWS architecture, providing global coverage
  • Disaster Recovery: Multiple points for failover capabilities
  • Bots: Standard or Bot templates — all customizable

How scalable is Midori Interactive?

It’s carrier-grade scalable. Midair built the platform based on its experience in building and managing products and services for global carriers. We understand what it means to be scalable, reliable and redundant, backed up with 24 x 7 x 365 customer support.

What protocols and coding language makes Midori Interactive work?

Midori Interactive is powered by Erlang/Elixir, and operates over HTTP/S (other APIS), SMPP (for SMS), MM4 (for MMS).

How do I interconnect with Midori Interactive?

Our API document outlines how to interconnect with Midori Interactive. Contact a Midori representative.

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