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Business Messaging in a Box

Put the Power of Messaging to Work for You

Looking for ways to stay relevant in today’s competitive business environment?

Enterprises and multi-channel providers that sell communication services can easily and automatically add messaging to their business offering. We make it super easy to create a whole new income stream using the most popular form of communications today.

Thanks to the agility and versatility of our Communications Platform, any entity that serves multiple businesses can easily add a messaging channel with all the bells and whistles to their service offerings.

Keeping It Simple (But Behind the Scenes, It’s Pretty Complex)

Our solution is so simple to set up and use… but only because it’s so complex. No other company enables you to create an automated messaging solution and resell it to literally thousands of businesses without doing any provisioning, billing or support. It’s a true private label solution.

How do we do it? We set up up as one of our exclusive ‘Super Admins,’ where you can help literally an unlimited number of companies or divisions enter the world of text messaging.

The Midori Interactive Communications Platform is simple to set up and sell, thanks to the complexity of the multi-tiered solution that enables you to operate as:

  • Super Admins: at the enterprise or carrier level managing;
  • Admins: at the company level, and
  • Users: at the individual user level.

Midori Interactive’s interactive messaging solution can be deployed within minutes and managed by non-coders via web interface, enabling businesses to communicate efficiently and effectively with the vast majority of customers who prefer texting to email or phone calls.

We’ve also fully automated the onboarding, billing and support of our solution. Talk with us about how we can deliver a Business in a Box to your virtual door today!

Customers also win because they can finally communicate with businesses in the ways they prefer – via text message.

Let’s Get Started

We’ve made the process super easy with our self-service onboarding bot. Signing up is as simple as a conversation. And when you’re on board, you’ll want to market your new offering to all your customers —  and we’ll even help with that, too.

A Solution for Any and Every Industry

No matter what type of industry your customers are in, they can ALL benefit from the power of chatbots by answering common questions like:

What are your hours?

Where are you located? What are today’s specials?

Enable customers to book a table or make an appointment

Survey customers and solicit customer feedback

Engage customers via social media

And much, much more…

Interested in Being a Reseller?

We’ll help catapult you into the next era of business communication.Start Here

“The messaging channel is a huge win for any business owner who wants to spend less time on routine, mundane communications and more time building their business.”  Noah Rafalko, Midori Interactive CEO

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