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Are YOU ready for AI?

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how does it apply to you?

AI applies to the many ways a computer can either enhance or replace human actions, such as responding to common phone, email or text inquiries with human-like, automated responses. Because it’s so sophisticated, AI requires an ongoing, company-wide investment of time and money.

The other issue with AI is it solves a single use case. Most often the solution can’t solve other use cases without some re-work or an overhaul.

Finally, all AI is not created equal! Whether you’re talking about Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Machine Learning (ML), today’s AI systems are still in their infancy. Some will even lock your data into their proprietary AI system.

Even large companies such as Amazon have jettisoned AI-powered systems in favor of a simple, interactive messaging solution (read more about how to get started here).

Before You Fling Headlong into AI…

Consider these key questions:

  1.  Is AI at the heart of your company’s strategy?
  2.  Do you have the necessary financial and technical resources?
  3.  Do you have ample data compiled in the right format?

If you can’t answer Yes to the above questions, your company simply isn’t AI-ready.

Ready to Take the Next Step in Exploring AI?

For more information about the Midori Communications Platform or any of our solutions, call or text us at 346-223-9287 or email us at

Walk Confidently and Control Your Own Data

With the Midori platform, you can keep your data private and out of the hands of competitors. The Midori system captures meaningful consumer data, keeping it private and in a format that can be used in an AI solution that fits your needs (not theirs).

In short, our advice is to get your data ready for an AI solution with the ultimate goal of driving positive future consumer engagement.

Solving the Problem – Simply and Easily

In most cases, simple chatbots can get the job done and improve customer service without having to invest huge amounts of time and money into AI. Most customers ask simple questions that a simple rules-based chatbot can answer. And unlike an AI solution, you can have that up and running in minutes.

So what’s our advice? Start simply by protecting your messaging channel with Text Protect®. Then see who’s texting you and what they’re asking. And finally, install a simple chatbot (or two) after you identify your customers’ most common issues and questions. It’ll save you tons of time, money and a whole lot of hassle.

Meanwhile, we’ll gather the data in the format you’ll need – if and when you do decide the time is right for AI.

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