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Start by Protecting Your Business Phone Numbers

It’s scary but true: you are not in full control of your enterprise’s phone numbers unless and until you CLAIM them. Voice and text messaging are different sets of permissions. Research found it’s easy for others to text-enable your phone numbers. And number mix-ups happen all the time.

There’s now a solution and it’s free. Called Text Protect®, it protects enterprises from fraud that could cost them customers, money and a big hit on brand reputation. After claiming your enterprise’s phone numbers, you can then manage and maintain future attributes such as text enablement and porting.

Did you know: 85% of consumers wish they could text your business!

One Messaging Solution For Any Size of Business

Midori’s cloud-based messaging platform enables any sized business – from small shops to large enterprises – to instantly deploy a self-managed messaging solution for increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

We are laser-focused on helping enterprises develop messaging solutions that build meaningful, interactive customer engagement while reducing dependence on traditional voice calls. Start with a simple solution to answer common questions such as hours and location. Just see how much time and money you can save in your customer service channel!


It’s a win for enterprises that offer products for small and mid-sized business customers. Midori makes it super easy to generate a whole new source of revenue by offering a turn-key messaging solution.

Small Businesses

It’s a win for any business owner that wants to spend less time on routine, mundane customer communications and more time on building their business.

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Mundane Problems... Solved.

Text Instead

Text enable your business numbers. Today, that’s how your customers want to reach you.

Text Protect®

Put a ‘padlock’ on to protect and procure the authorization rights to your phone numbers.

Who's Texting You?

We can show you who’s texting you and what they want to know.

Website Chatbot

For more information give our chatbot a try – type ‘hello’ to get started.

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