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Start by Protecting Your Business Phone Numbers

It’s sad but true: other players can text-enable your business phone number(s) for nefarious reasons. But there’s a simple (and free) way to protect your numbers and your brand. Deployed via blockchain technology, Text Protect is revolutionizing number authorization, security and portability. It’s the logical first step for any business that wants to communicate with customers in today’s text-savvy world.

Over 80% of Americans text regularly; over 6 billion texts are sent every day.

One Messaging Solution For Any Size of Business

Midori’s cloud-based messaging platform enables any sized business – from small shops to large enterprises – to instantly deploy a self-managed messaging solution for increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

With simple automation tools (no coding experience needed!), we support the many communication channels customers demand, whether it’s text messaging, voice, email, social media, websites or smartphone applications.


It’s a win for enterprises that offer products for small and mid-sized business customers. Midori makes it super easy to generate a whole new source of revenue by offering a turn-key messaging solution.

Small Businesses

It’s a win for any business owner that wants to spend less time on routine, mundane customer communications and more time on building their business.

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Mundane Problems... Solved.

Text Instead

Text enable your business numbers. Today, that’s how your customers want to reach you.

Text Protect™

Because it’s easy for bad actors to text-enable your phone numbers to gain an advantage.

Who's Texting You?

We can show you who’s texting you and what they want to know.

Website Chatbot

For more information give our chatbot a try – type ‘hello’ to get started.

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