The Problem:

Business Phone Numbers are “Hijacked”

Without their knowledge or consent, Toll-Free numbers are being hijacked and text-enabled, harming both businesses and consumers.


Somos Study Makes Shocking Discovery

More and more businesses are text-enabling their toll-free numbers. Over 80 percent of Americans text regularly; some 6 billion texts are sent every day. Toll-Free numbers can easily be text-enabled without the business owner’s consent or knowledge.

Somos and QSI Consulting, Inc. conducted a study only to discover how easily incoming texts could be ‘hijacked’ from the business owner to an unauthorized party.

The Solution:

phone safe

Text Protect® Reduces Unauthorized Text Enablement of Business Phone Numbers

Text Protect prevents unauthorized text enablement of local and toll-free numbers, protecting businesses from fraud.

Text Protect is the logical first step for any business that wants to text-enable their local and toll-free phone numbers. Texting is the preferred form of communication today. Read the full news release here.

Text Protect adds an additional security measure to protect businesses from hackers who will fraudulently represent your company. The basic protection includes automatic refusal of attempts to use phone numbers without the PIN provided during the enablement process.

Midori Interactive introduced its new Text Protect product at its breakout session at the Somos 2017 Toll-Free User Summit in Chicago, which attracted responsible organizations, service providers and key influencers in the Toll-Free industry.

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