Noah Rafalko

Chief Enterprise Officer

A communications visionary for over 20 years, Noah Rafalko is a founder and CEO of TSG Global, Inc. (, which provides voice and messaging services for telecom carriers and many of the world’s largest companies.

An entrepreneur at heart, Rafalko founded Midori Interactive, Inc. ( in 2017. Midori Interactive enables businesses of all types and sizes to answer common customer questions and requests via text messages to their existing number(s). It’s the only automated chatbot solution that can be deployed within minutes and managed by non-coders via web interface.

Rafalko is a strong advocate for the heath and innovation within the communications ecosystem. He serves on the Somos advisory board, which administers and manages over 41 million toll-free numbers, where he offers vision and leadership in an ever-changing technology space.

Rafalko is also an active participant in CTIA, which represents the U.S. wireless communications industry. He is dedicated to an equitable and innovative marketplace that embraces new ways to meet the demand for automated messaging channels. He lives in the greater Boston area and travels frequently to speak at trade shows and events.

mike burlingame

Mike Burlingame

Chief Technology Officer

Working in positions such as Network Administrator, Product Technical Advisor, VoIP engineer, and VP of Technical Operations, Burlingame is the kind of talent that makes a company into something more than its constituent parts by using his expertise to transform it into a nexus of ideation and execution.

Mike holds certifications for CCNA, A+, and CVE 5 as well as possessing high levels of skill with VoIP, SIP, Telephony and Cloud Computing.

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