Frequently Asked Questions

A Midori Interactive representative is available via chat or email to answer your questions about how chatbots can transform your business.

General Questions:

Q: What type of business can use Midori Interactive’s chatbots?

A: Just about any type of business – retail, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, etc. – can benefit from chatbots. In short, chatbots are the most efficient way to deal with common questions and issues that arise every day.

Q: What external connections does Midori Interactive offer?

A: Midori Interactive currently connects to the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Slack and Telegram and we continue to build relationships for other connectivity.

Technical Questions:

Q: What is the Midori Interactive architecture?

A: Midori Interactive’s architecture is comprised of several components:

  • Bots: the templates used to interact with your customers
  • Networks: the channels created to communicate
  • Adapters: the end-point connections like Facebook, Telegram and Slack
  • Responders: the method you chose to respond to your customers
  • Exporters: enable you to provide copies of your communications via email

Q: Does Midori Interactive support API connectivity?

A: Yes, stand-alone connections like the social media connections are built in. Any custom connections can be built by Midori Interactive’s developers.

Q: How robust is the Midori Interactive API?

A: Midori Interactive has custom API’s and allows external connections via API connectivity. Midori’s user interface (UI) syncs with the power of the API’s applied.

Q: How scalable is Midori Interactive?

A: It’s highly scalable by engaging additional servers.

Q: What protocols and coding language makes Midori Interactive work?

A: Midori Interactive is powered by Erlang/Elixir, and operates over HTTP/S (other APIS), SMPP (for SMS), MM4 (for MMS). Erlang/Elixir is the code language the platform was written in. HTTP(s) is the web and web connectivity while SMPP, SMS, MMS is simply text messaging and picture messaging connectivity.

Q: How do I interconnect with Midori Interactive?

A: Our API document outlines how to interconnect with Midori Interactive.

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